Wednesday, 21 April 2010


It has suddenly dawned on me that I have less than a month to get all my uni work done, so I haven't got time to compose the epic blog post I've been intending to for a few days.

So, I shall leave you for now with the information that I have the greatest pencil sharpener in the world, courtesy of Simon and the Dr. When you stick a pencil up its arse, it mews. It's BRILLIANT.

Even better, unlike Shaggy it doesn't vomit on the carpet when annoyed (which is often).

I also have a job interview next Tuesday. Really hoping I get it - is only a 10-week placement, but actually pays, and will look very good on the CV. So fingers crossed and all that, even if it does destroy any of my plans for a nice summer holiday before starting NCTJ training in September.

I went to see Posh on Friday. I drank a lot of alcohol at the weekend, won the pub quiz and got sunburnt. I plan to do similar this weekend (sans sunburn). My social calendar has suddenly got far busier. Back in February/March I was stuck in most weekends. Now I must must MUST find time to write essays and keep getting invited down the pub. I'm incapable of saying no to the pub, I'm striving to learn.

I shall try and blog if anything particularly exciting happens, but shall very much be absent for the next month or so. See you all again in June.

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